Holistic Pet: Is CBD Good for my dog, cat, or pet sea squirt?

We’re kidding a little with the title, but it’s actually true: traditional pets (like dogs, cats and horses) as well ...

Can I Travel with CBD Oil? It’s Complicated.

It’s summer, and when the weather warms, our thoughts inevitably turn to holiday travels: days at the beach, weekends...

Meet Nicole Buffong, Modern Medicine Woman

When Nicole Buffong was diagnosed with HIV in 2017, she faced a choice: choose an existence tied to a lifeline of pha...

Know Your Grower: 10 Questions to Ask to get quality CBD

The best quote we’ve heard in a while about the CBD industry is that it seems to inspire one of two reactions in peop...

What is the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)?

It’s not everyday that science discovers an entirely new bodily system, but that’s precisely what happened in 1990, w...

Yes, Fruit, Nut and Seed Lovers, Coconut is the Perfect Superfood

Humble, hairy and a super smart choice for a healthier body and mind. Why?

Hemp: A Five-Minute History

Historically, one of the few things crucial to long distance travel by sea was hemp. Every early seagoing nation used...


This is a letter two years in the making. Frustrated wit...

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