Highest Quality, From Seed to Bottle

Seed Genetics

We use only CBD-dominant or rare CBD-rich hemp varieties with stable genetics, not designer plants bred for a specific THC-dominant purpose. The strength of our genes came from a plant that has been growing and breeding naturally for decades without encouraged breeding.

Soil & Water

We don’t use chemical pesticides, but do use a smart irrigation system in our fields for no-waste, direct-to-root water delivery.


Happy hemp makes for sunnier days. Our fields are at a high elevation, putting our plants closer to the sun’s rays where they grow best.

Proper Extraction

We use one of the few licensed and certified facilities in the state of Colorado to extract our whole-plant, non-psychotropic CBD products, creating utmost consistency.

US Grown & Bottled

All of our products are produced and bottled in the US, improving economies close to home and allowing us to keep tight controls on product quality.

Third-Party Tested and Assured

We stand behind our products and use a third party to ensure accuracy. Anything else would not be acceptable for you, us, or to those we love. We make sure our products are honest by performing tests on our soil, water, and even cannabis flowers. We then test all the batches of extraction to get a real average and performance of each strain. All in all, over 120 tests are done, including extracts for quality control.

Trust the “Good Guys”

We use ProVerde Laboratories to analyze our product and test for potency. Cannabinoid profiling is performed using the Ultra-Performance Convergence Chromatography System (UPC2) from Waters Corp., utilizing CO2 as the primary mobile phase component. This reduces the use of organic solvents minimizing hazardous waste, making it better for our environment.
Other testing methods include:

  • Ultra-Performance Convergence Chromatography system
  • Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography (mass Spectrometer)
  • Head- Space Gas Chromatography
  • Inductively-Coupled Plasma (Mass Spectrometer)
  • Most Probable Number Enumeration
  • Enzyme Linked Fluorescence Assay
  • Immuno-Affinity Fluorometric Assay

ProVerde’s mission statement from their website:

To provide Cannabis manufacturers, producers, researchers and creators of products with analytical laboratory services that utilizes the next generation of smarter, faster, environmentally friendly testing and separation technologies and produce a much broader array of results with greater precision to help understand and improve product development, processing and safety.

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