We Started This Journey Much Like You

Hungry for credible information. Let down by products and their promises. Needing to find wellness via ways outside the traditional medical machine’s answers. So, we became researchers, explorers of the world of whole-plant hemp extracts. We became educators passionate about taking anyone with a curious soul, a scientific mind, and a need to know along for the ride as we learn more about advancements in cannabis product development and innovation.
This quest is personal.

In This We Believe

Get to know us, and you get a chance to know your grower. Follow us and see how you can benefit from obsessively researched, hand-selected natural products and become a part of a movement that is unlike many in this industry: one about honesty, openness and education. The following are our mantras—and what gets us up to learn more every morning.


We are constantly on the hunt for new scientific findings in cannabis research, new innovations in cultivation and extraction, and discovering more and more about what this amazing plant can do.


We cannot afford to mislead or misinform: our wellness depends on it. As such, there are no strangers in this operation, and each of us has taken it upon ourselves to become as well versed as possible so we can honestly stand behind our words and our products.


Innovation and product development are at the core of our work—as is passing on what we’ve learned.


Our grower partners are more than single-track farmers. They are biologists and geneticists, soil and water scientists and studied agronomists: experts in their field.

The Right Partners

Quality starts with exceptional humans and becomes real through exacting science.

Our partner grower is a geneticist and biologist who is currently working on his master’s degree in Hemp Genetics in the Hebrew University Faculty of Agriculture.

The Right Perspective

Global + Local Perspective
Hemp industry R&D in Israel is years ahead of that in the U.S. We are bringing the technology and knowledge cultivated overseas to boost our home-grown agriculture.

Scalability & Consistency
To improve product consistency on a large scale we are breeding for strain improvement in Colorado, Israel and Spain.

We’re conducting industry-leading DNA extraction and sequencing studies, helping pinpoint strains right for specific needs. The goal: A custom-fit supplement.

Our Promise

Research, innovation, smart cultivation and product creation is our passion and our purpose. And we create products for ourselves, our families and friends first, making our work personal. Together, they create a directive: never stop learning, never stop caring, and do our very best.

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